Presents the 12" NCS PRUSA i3v Steel V slot Printer frame 


The perfect upgrade for owners of the wooden and acrylic PRUSA i3 printers.

This printer frame has the ability to use most of the hardware from toy style i3 printers,

this ability can reduce the upfront upgrade costs by using most of your existing parts.

This printer has a close as possible  12" by 12" by 12" work area with dual extruders.

Upgrading from smaller printers will require longer guide rails, Z screws, and belts.

However this printer is primarly designed for V slot guide rails for better and smoother operation,

thus all included parts are intended for V slot operation,

 for round guide rails and its parts they will need to be sourced elsewhere.

Features of this printer Frame.

1. all steel parts for frame and supports

2. includes Z travel steel plates

3. steel extruder plate designed for the Micron 3DP all metal dual extruder or Single Extruder

4. steel filament spool mount (2 sets)

5. extra various mounting holes on printer frame for bolting accessories onto the printer

6. no printed parts needed to make unit function if built to recommend specs.

The Y belt mount included is for temporary use as it is troublesome and hard to use Highly recommend Printing a Y Belt mount

once up and functional

Y Belt Mount


Only the steel parts are included in the NCS printer kit as represented below

parts will need to be painted by the customer in a color of their choosing

This Kit comes Standard with these Features,

Comes with Dual Spool Mounts has single and dual micron 3dp mount plates and also a generic mount plate

It is setup and has extra parts for lead screw for X and Y travel as well as traditional Belt drive setup

it is Designed for V slot Rails however it can also be use with round rod Rails

has both configurations for either All thread Z travel or Lead Screw Z travel

The Bed mount has both the 12" mount holes and the 8" mount holes

Most of the P3 Steel printed parts will work with this Kit

(Y idler Mount Spacing is wider then NON NCS printers)

has Dual Nema 17 extruder mounts built in 

NORTH COUNTRY SPECIALTIES is working with Openbuilds Parts Store to

Supply a mechanical parts bundle kit for ease of purchasing needed hardware to assemble this printer

Link to the bundle Kit from Openbuilds Parts Store is below

Parts list for PRUSA i3 Steel NCS Printer

this list is no longer  available as a bundle from Openbuilds Parts store  but can still be ordered seperately

however you can also source your own hardware from other sources if desired

Product Discription Quantity
V slot 20x20  500mm 5
Smooth Idler Pulley Kit Each 2
Solid V Wheel Kit Each 20
Low Profile Screws M5 25mm (25 Pack) 1
Low Profile Screws M5 6mm (25 Pack) 1
Aluminum Spacers 0.25" 8
Eccentric Spacers 0.25" 12
Tee Nuts 25 pack 1
Double Tee Nuts Each 4
GT2 Timing pulley 2mm 20 Tooth 2
Precision Shim 10x5x1mm 4
GT2 Timing Belt 2mm Foot 8
Micro Limit Switch Kit with Plate 3
8mm Lead/Acme Nut Block Each 2
8mm Metric Lead Screw / Acme 500mm 2
5mm to 8mm Bore Aluminium Lead Screw Coupling Coupler For Stepper motor shaft 2
Nema 17 Stepper motor Each 4
Belt Tension Torsion spring 2
688Z Ball Bearing 8x16x5 2
Socket Head Screws M3 6mm (25 Pack) 1
Socket Head Screws M3 12mm (25 Pack) 2
Nylon Insert Hex Locknut 3mm Each 50
Low Profile Screws M5 15mm Each 4
Low Profile Screws M4 6mm Each 4


Parts below not supplied by either NORTH COUNTRY SPECIALTIES or Openbuild Parts Store

this List Below will need to be Sourced elsewhere  Ebay is a good source to use


1 x 12" x 12" Heat bed  (can be found on Ebay)

1 x Mean Well RSP-500-12 "41.7 amps" or higher Power supply (Recommended link below)

1 x RAMPS 1.4 Control Board + 5 x A4988 Stepstick Driver Module or equivalent

1 x Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 Board if using RAMPS board

(Recommend the Rumba control board and 6 DRV8825 Driver modules it has the ability to run three extruders)

optional parts

1 x RAMPS 1.4 LCD 12864 intelligent Smart controller optional

2 x Brass Flange Nut for DIY Build 3D Printer Z Axis  8mm Stainless Steel Lead Screw (optional will need to print mount)

1 x Micron 3DP extruder (printer has plate to mount the single or dual extruder version link below)

Price for this steel 12" Frame Kit

$475.00 US plus 75.00 shipping in US only, outside US contact us for shipping prices

  please allow 7 day lead time before item is shipped it is cut when ordered

buy now button should also direct you to the Openbuilds kit

after you purchase the Frame kit for your convenience

links to parts needed

Openbuild parts store

Micron 3DP Extruder

500 watt PSU

plus ebay has alot of the parts needed

Recommended Printed parts for this printer

NCS printed parts

parts to