Presents the X Axis Lead Screw Upgrade Kit

This kit is designed for the NCS 12" Free DXF downloaded file

Other parts that will be needed from other sources

  1. Steel parts X axis Leadscrew Upgrade Kit for NCS i3 steel Printers
  2. kits for Free Version NCS using V slot
    1 Paid version of NCS Printer already set up for leadscrew upgrade
  3. only Steel parts included as in first picture
  4. Parts need to source for conversion,
    1. Lead Screw 8mm diameter
    2. Stepper motor to Lead screw coupler (5mm * 8mm Flexible Coupling)
    3. Two bearings (688Z 8x16x5)
    4. Two lock collars (8mm Size )
    5. Two Nuts to fit lead screw
    6. Twenty five Screws M3 (Length: 12mm) can reuse some on existing printer
    7. Seventeen Nuts M3
    8. STL files at this link needs to be printer before performing upgrade
  5. see it work on You tube

Free NCS 12" version use Buy it now button below

coming soon