NESPI Soft Shut Down Board V1

This board is discontinued and stock depleted

this page is for information only for existing V1 users

from the instructions by James White, Thank you for this instruction


you will also need your old LED, Switches and Wires from your old board

link below give full parts replacement if you don't want to reuse your old parts

this board gives a professional OEM look to your NESPI power button Hack

Plus it secures the POLOLU board in a safe spot


Picture below Shows the difference in boards

Top Picture is the NCS board that allows for soft shut down through the NESPI Power button

Bottom Picture is the OEM board simply cuts the power



This Board is V1  stock is depleted

this board the Reset and power Button is swapped

the Reset Button is now the closest to the LED

This board is sold as is without any warranties expressed or implied

This board requires parts and assembly so knowledge of soldering small parts is required

this is example of the board completed


powered up

BOM (parts) needed for this board not including the POLOLU board or switches