NESPI  NCS Soft Shut Down assembly instructions


These instructions is for assembling the V2 amd V3 board

Remember you will also need James White's instructions for hook up and script

Link to James White's instructions

JW instruct


First off is to completely disassemble the NESPI CASE remove all circuit boards

including the USB Power port board

skip this if you intend on reusing this wire

Desolder and remove the fake connector from the board

solder the angled header onto the board on the same side as the USB port

as shown in the picture


ok now go ahead and remount the USB power port back into the case

it should look like this in the picture below


you will need two jumper wires to connect to it

as shown, make a note which is pos and neg


Do not route the wires under the PI as in the picture below

the header pins pinches the wire thus a possible short


instead route them like this


okay lets work on building that new power switch board


I recommend following the pictures for ease of assembly

however you can go in whatever order you want


first lets mount the diodes

pay attention to the direction of the diodes

note the black ends is pointing towards where the CAP 220UF mounts


mount the POLOLU MOSFET  as shown with its included header pins

and the CAP, the stripe on the side is Neg side


mount the LED and resistor and the switches

(note V3 has a OPT resistor for dual colors if desired)

if using a new LED the long wire is Positive

Solder the headers on the opposite side as shown in the picture

okay if you are not wanting to use the fan control feature of this board

you can skip the next couple of steps

however if you don't want to splice or solder wires

and use all jumper wires look for the jumper wire step


these are the parts for the Fan control

straighten the pins on the 2222 transistor so they can fit in its holes

For V3 it has mounting holes for both style transistor straighting is not needed

Solder the transistor flat side at the edge of board

Solder the resistor and diode to the board

black part of diode pointing toward the center of the board


header mounts on the opposite side of the components


Jumper wire step below

if you want to avoid splicing and soldering wires

and don't want Fan control features follow these steps

bypassing the fan control feature to normal power out header

you need to install a jumper in place of the 2222 transistor

do not install the diode transistor or resistor if you use the jumper

solder the jumper to the two outer holes in the 2222 transistor spot

and that allows you to have normal power output for the fan

The reason being will be explained later but you do need that fan header functional

if you plan on not splicing or soldering wires

Mounting the PI before the switch board is not required for V3

Mount your PI to the case as shown note the power wire is between the screw and USB port


okay lets test the new switch board to make sure you built it correctly

connect it to the power and then using a jumper wire connect the ON CRTL pin to the Positive out pin

press the power button both LED lights should come on  (there is one on the POLOLU)

if they come on great at least the board powers up

(note if the board powered up before you engaged the power button

make sure the POLOLU switch is in the OFF postion)

now using the power button shut down the board

if you have the jumper connected correctly the board should remain on

disconnect the jumper and a few seconds later it should power down

if it does this the board is working as it should for shutdown

the reset button goes to ground when pushed you can test it with a multimeter


If you installed Fan control then connect your fan to the fan header

and a jumper wire to fan control pin and the other end to positive out on the output

power up the board your fan should come on

disconnect jumper for fan control and your fan should turn off



Install the New NCS NESPI switch board and connect the input power

wire from the USB Power Port to it

the wires I used were 100mm long this is barely long enough but works

once mounted power it up to verify you did not rip the wires loose


Next install the lower USB out board as shown

make sure it is not overlapping the fan header


ok this is the reason we need that fan port on the board

note the two pin wire and connector you have a choice here

you can splice some jumper wire onto it or solder it direct to the switch board

and use it as intended

or if you want to avoid splicing and soldering wires then disconnect this wire

wire is disconnected


Install the upper USB/NIC board as shown


using one of the power outs on the switch board

you will connect to the fan pins on the lower USB board as shown

purple and gray wires go from fan header to switch board power out

red and blue connect switch power out to PI power pins

I used the same colors as in James white instruction sheet for reference only

your wires may differ


however at this point just simply follow James White instruction

skip the assemble stuff as you already did that 

Step 13 is where you start

he has where the pins goes and script  to make this work on this

Link here

JW instruct

and for the Fan Mod

Start at Step 11

JW Fan Mod