This Page is on converting a 76-79 ford Dana 44, 5 lug wheel to 8 lug wheel

Front end


List of tools

  1. Allen wrenches (to fit you lock out hub)
  2. 4 wheel drive socket (for Dana 44 spindle nuts)
  3. basic hand tools
  4. rubber mallet



List of materials

All of these parts are from a 77 1/2 -79, 3/4 ton ford with Dana 44 unless other wise noted

  1. Dust shields for dual piston disc brake (76-79 44 or 60) or (83-98 Dana 50/60)
  2. Dual piston caliper brackets (also fits is Dana 60, any with disc brakes)
  3. Dual piston calipers (from same year as brackets)
  4. Hub and rotor assembly (also fits is Dana 44 80-96 3/4 ton)
  5. Spindles
  6. Parts cleaner
  7. Grease
  8. Seal kit for the 8 lug hubs and rotors assembly
  9. You can retain the lock out hubs from the 5 lug hub and rotor assembly
  10. Also the lock nut assembly can be reused


Okay I am going to assume that you have done a wheel bearing grease packing job on your rig,

So I won't go into detail on the disassembly or assembly of the front end.

However inspect or replace all the bearings in the 8 lug components.

Clean and pack them as you would normally do for maintenance.

Take apart your front end as you would for bearing maintenance.

Undo the brake line from the caliper you will reuse this line if in good shape.

Connect the dual piston calipers so to lessen the mess place out of way do not let hang by line.

Once apart inspect your ujoints on the axle this is a good time to replace them if bad.

If you have not pulled the spindle undo the five bolts that hold it on then use you hammer.

And persuade it off try not to damage it you can resell this stuff to get some of your money back.

Once the spindle is off the caliper bracket and dust shield should slide right off.

Now since the 8-lug stuff is already cleaned and repacked go ahead and start the assembly processes

Using the all the 8 lug components.

Now you have an 8 lug front end under your f-150 or bronco

Hopefully you have the wheels to go with it



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