Pictures of the Repower and upgrade to EFI 23HP Kohler Command Engine

The Tractor getting the Repower

The Kohler Command Engine Model Number that was used

What is in the Box

Front View of the New Engine

The onboard throttle, key switch and Warning lights will be relocated to the tractor dash

The Grass Guard will be removed for access to flywheel for mounting the pump shaft

Right Hand side view of new engine with ECM that will need to be relocated

Hood off what the original engine look like in the tractor Right Side

Left side of original engine in tractor

front PTO Clutch this was able to be used on the new Engine

Model Number of my Tractor

engine is out note the bar for the front lift arms is flat stock this has to be replaced with one from a twin cylinder tractor

old engine with new engine the command has the correct holes for the clutch

however a spacer is needed on the crankshaft and the 4 mount holes all 5 the same thickness

drew up a template to line up the new engine correctly in relation to the original engine mount holes

New holes drilled also able to use oil drain hole by using a brass 45* fitting and a 90* fitting 

pulled the shroud and a few other parts off the new engine so I could set it in the frame to determine what needed modified

and look at Kohlers EFI setup

another peak at the EFI setup clean and simple

frame mods are needed if I want electric start and a fan shroud on this engine

Pulley lines up real good

alot of parts need room to work

Heat shield and valve cover fuel pump will need to be addressed for hood clearence

exhaust pipe will need clearence is about the only issue on this side of the hood

new frame brackets to replace what is removed from the original frame now it will more resemble a true twin tractor setup

exhaust pipe I think if for the grass hopper mower it will be heavily modified to fit the ariens

bending the bracket for the frame 45* on both ends

angle finder reads 22.5*  half of my 45* bend  since it is only reading half of it

both sides bent and trimmed ready to be welded on the frame

trial fit shows everything has the room needed

EFI pump will not clear lift bar mounted to the engine it will be mounted to this bracker later

tacked on ready to be welded

lots of room for the pedal to clear even

oil filter has enough room to be serviced without issue

all welded and ready to paint

both sides welded and painted note the new lift bar lays in the bottom and is now round stock in engine area

bends are steeper as well so converting the flat bar version to this version would require more work then getting one sourced

the pump shaft will need to be shortened as well I removed 1/4" from mine

the flange from a twin cylinder tractor is need for clearence of steering sector

The Hole in the Right side bracket is for starter bolt removal without it engine removal is required for starter service

ready for its new engine install

notice the spacer on the crankshaft and clutch mounting bolts all the same thickness

they can be a bit thinner so the surface is flush I needed the clutch a little further forward for belt alignment

my original template was back about 1/8" that has been corrected since then

I had the local CNC plasma cutter cut my spacers for me was alot easier then trying to find them

clutch is mounted and secured only needs the brake plate installed

clutch all done and one heavily modified muffler is installed still needs the O2 bung for the EFI installed

rerouted the exhuast pipes and shortened the muffler to fit under the hood used the old exhaust tip for the exit pipe

plently of clearence from the clutch

Hood side panels clear nice and exhaust tip in correct location

Just like it use to look with the 16 horse exhaust

not much problem on this side

used my 3d printer and printed this little cover to hide the choke cable hole and give me emblems for my warning lights

Warning lights now on the dash and off the engines side as with the key switch was relocated as well

Kohler makes a nice extension harness to locate this stuff off the engine perfect for this application

new electric low pressure fuel pump to replace the Valve cover pump this will be mounted inside the dash tower

makes less then 3 PSI in fuel pressure

mounting holes for the fuel pump

EFI pump moved off the engine and built a bracket to mount it to the frame had to shorten the EFI high pressure hose

Finished view of left side heat shield trimmed fuel system finished and valve cover replaced with non pump version for hood clearence

heat shield trimmed and bent for throttle and oil dip stick clearence

Right side trimmed for exhaust pipe clearence as well

hood closes without issues and no trimming on it

ready for work again


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