Instrument Cluster Adapter Plug

this plug is intended for adapting the OEM plug to use with

aftermarket Gauges like the Dakota digital Dash

it allows connection without cutting or splicing of the OEM harness 

This plug use 1/8" non coated brazing rod that can be source locally

you simply cut 3/4"-1" lengths solder the wire of your choice on and slid into the groove that you want to tap

once all the taps are in place you use two part epoxy source locally to build the backing for this plug

Rod fits Nice and snug

all the taps I have chosen

mask the OEM plug to prevent the epoxy from sticking to it

mask a dam around the plug

push in the OEM plug as you would normally plug it in



Fill with epoxy to build back side of plug make sure you have all the taps you want and

they are in the proper position before doing this step

as once the epoxy dries it will be really hard to change or fix




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