Installing an Engine Driven Oasis Air compressor.


Oasis builds an nice DC powered Aircompressor

However I prefer to have an Engine Driven compressor For my own personal Reasons

Oasis Does sell the Modified York Compressor that they use on their DC units seperately as spare parts

The part number is YC4000 list price 650.00 at this time

This compressor has Modifications to reduce oil consumption

A finned head to disapate heat more effectively

And a site glass to monitor oil level 

I ordered just the york compressor  from Oasis

This is what showed up in the mail

What is inside nice packaging 

The compressor 


210 Style Crank Shaft stub 

Finned Head 

ID Tag

Bottom of compressor still has standard mounting holes for York mounts 

Made in the USA sticker and oil level indicator 

If you want to view the Oil Level glass with this pump mounted to a engine

a tight Street elbow is required

The face of the elbow was ground down a bit for Clearence

oil site glass and oil fill hole both on same side

Does need to be at a slight angle as the pump is tilted slightly

to clear the upper radiator hose

final adjustment once pump is mounted on engine

This has to be less then 7/8 of a inch from the back of compressor

remove your alternator/smog pump bracket

you should have your engine to this point

This lift ring can stay if you do not use the site glass

other wise it needs to be removed

I reinstalled the lift ring bolts in their original holes so they

would not get lost

this area is now ready to accept the new bracket assembly

Everything to install Oasis air compressor

Front of compressor is run of the mill York style

electromagnet installed make sure wire is at top

Pulley and clutch installed

Ready to be mounted to bracket

Bolt compressor onto bracket using the four bottom mounting holes

Torque to specs

it uses the same bolts as a typical york

Next install belt tensioner note index tab next to the stud

make sure index tab is lined up with slot on mounting pad

Tighten tensioner nut to specs

Install alternator pivot bolt make sure threads is started


install adjuster bolt through bracket hole

Tighten both adjuster bolt and pivot bolt to spec

Bracket is ready to install

"Handy Tip"

lay assembly on its back on a flat surface to make sure

the site glass elbow does not interfere if it does grind it down a bit

to make clearence be carefull not to grind into the passage way

Bracket assembly staged lining up the bottom hole first

start the bottom bolt a few threads into the block

do not tighten any mounting bolts until all are started

four bolts is used to mount this bracket

Bracket installed

just enough clearence for the elbow

final adjustment to make sure the site glass is level for proper reading

Oil fill and site glass as standing on passenger side of truck

belt installed and ready to make air

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