This Mod is Being done on the Vehicle's Braking System this in not a instruction Sheet

this is only what I did with MY Rig.

 Any and Every Modification you do to your Vehicle is your sole responsibility and nobody else's fault if it fails

nor will I build the Adapter Plate for anybody so don't Ask!


Custom Building Hydro Boost Setup for 1973-1979 F Series and 78-79 Bronco

I used a Astro Van Hydro Boost For this Conversion

the Bracket is from a Ford Van they came stock with the Saginaw Pump

Your Bracket May Vary

another Option for a easier swap to a Saginaw pump is the tough to find no longer available

 20-6244 conversion Pump

it is a direct Bolt in for the Cll ford Pump (plastic housing)


Next you need this Tool to do this conversion

retail from 150.00 to 199.00

Kent Moore Part # J-29192

The Rod hole needs to be Enlarged to Fit the Ford Bolt

drill out to 5/8"

Now the Astro Van Hydro Boost rod is about 1" to long for a regular Flat plate mount

So I built a 1" Spacer to overcome this issue

The Spacer also had to fit around the Socket

Next I cut the Hole for the Hydro Boost out of the original mounting Plate

I welded the Ring

I Welded in the mounting Hole into the ring

Ground the Surface Smooth

Test Fit the Hydro Boost and socket

Being cheap I used what was left of the original Mount

I made a Template of the original Ford booster mount

and lined up the Upper holes to the Hydro Boost plate holes

I needed to Oval them just a bit to line up

I then Drilled the 2 remaining Holes into the plate

oblong  the large hole to center the spacer between the Drilled

lower holes

using Two 3/8" bolts with built in washer to center the Spacer

Between them

upon the first fit up to the Firewall I discovered that I needed to

Trim the mount Bracket on the passenger side of it

you will note the left side in picture no longer has a 45* Bend in the plate

AstroVan Boost Hole Dimension 1 11/16" Diameter

I Discovered that Allen driven bolts were easier to install

 then a regular a Cap Bolt

The Aeroquip Fittings are #6

the Adapters for the Hydro Boost

16 mm and 18 mm both Size #6

the Return Fitting is a unique Item

 I only found these places so far that has it 


The Special Return Fitting for a matched hose Setup it also is size #6


* 5/16-24 O-ring Male to AN-6 Male
* Surface Seal Type Adapter with O-ring Seal
* Zinc Dichromate Plated Mild Steel with 5/8 Hex Size
* Fits most all Bendix Type I and Type II hydraulic brake assist units


  * WARNING: This HBS-9101 adapter installs into a very small 5/16” port on the brake assist unit, and it is therefore VERY easy to overtorque this fitting (which will result in casting thread strippage). This adapter is to be carefully torqued to 10 Foot Pounds as installed into the brake assist unit. You must then hold this fitting absolutely stationary with one wrench while tightening the mating hose end to this adapter with a second wrench to insure proper levels of success in your installation. Please understand that there is absolutely no warranty expressed or implied per the nature of this design.  


The Master cylinder will more then Likely will Need its Mount Flange

Notched to Accept the Wider mount Pattern of the HydroBoost Unit


Bolt the Rod to The Pedal And Readjust the Brake light Switch

The Rod on the Left is the Original Rod it is 3.25"

 needs to Be 4.5" total length so I built one from a chevy

door Hinge pin it was roughly the Same Diameter


Hooking up the Sag Pump and Fittings