1977-1979 Ford F series 4x4 and 1978-1979 Bronco 460 swap frame mount perches bolt on style

also available 1976 and older F100/150 Version

Featuring CNC Cut Parts

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Front Leaf suspension Style


Front Coil suspension Style


Price is 225.00 plus shipping

These Frame Mounts uses the Stock 1983-1997 engine insulators (rubber mounts).

These are the dual stud style that ford deemed to be strong enough for the 460 (much stronger then a smaller single stud insulator)

they can be bought at any parts store

You need two of each.


The OEM adapters can be sourced from 83-97 460s in F series in your local Wrecking yard

OEM adapters that goes between the Insulators and Block Part # E8TZ-6046-A SUPPORT

These can be ordered new or can be sourced locally, Highly recommend locally

These mounts Sets the engine in the correct location

clutch/shifter linkage lines up correctly

lines up the fan in the correct 460 fan shroud using the correct super cooler radiator that OEM used to cool the 460 in the 2wd version of this truck





price for billet adapter plates 190.00 pair plus ride.
the OEM stamped plate were 30 bucks for a pair new.
I would highly recommend getting a set from your local yard as it would be the cheapest route.

but I can  produce them if you really want a set of billets.



460 engine insulator (rubber mountPart# Anchor 2709 460 front Mount

They are typically Found on 83-97 460 Engines Below is what you are needing